Live your life by Design, and not by Default

There is a unique design in you that you were created with – many call it Life’s Purpose.  It does not come from schooling, religious beliefs, or society. You can engage with that design, and allow it to express itself within you and through your life.

You don’t have to make yourself into something that you are not – but, simply uncover the plan that is already within you.

Many people live their life by default.  That may vibrate with:  mediocrity, scarcity, competition, greed, rivalry, and a sense of separation. They go through their lives unaware, and unawakened to the plan and design that is already within them.

But, your divine design is built to go beyond the status quo, and to do your part in building a world that works for everyone. Through meditation, and inner strategies for success, you can align yourself with the unfoldment and evolution of the plan that is already within you.

If you live your life by divine design everyday, being guided by Spirit and your intuition,  you will begin to know and express your Life’s Purpose. And, you will also draw the people and resources you need to manifest this design and plan in your life.