We are all living out stories

Stories that we have been told by others, or we have absorbed from others

Stories that we have told ourselves.
Our stories can either be conscious or unconscious.

We can choose our stories, or let others or circumstances choose them for us.

What do you want your story to be?

Write a New Story for Your Life Through:

Transformational Life Coaching, or Business Coaching

You can:

* Discover your Life’s Purpose and Vision
* Be Empowered by Your Vision
* Create What you Desire in your Life and Business

Gary Chatham is a transformational life coach, and business coach, who has helped others on their paths for over 20 years with:

• Life’s Purpose and Direction
• Relationship Issues
• Work/Career
• Business
• Spiritual Growth/Direction

While we may intuitively know that we create our own reality to a large extent, practicing this in daily life can become a challenge. Using Science of Mind techniques, Gary enables his clients to see beyond their present circumstances and “write a new story” to create the life they desire.

You already have everything within you that you need to succeed, including knowledge of your life’s purpose and direction. Through life coaching or entrepreneur coaching, you can learn to access your own intuitive guidance and then take the inspired action you need to change your life.

Life Coaching

Life coaching with Gary enables you to:

• Powerfully bring clarity to your situation.
• Learn what choices are on your path.
• Let go of patterns that are holding you back.
• See how to access your own inner guidance and intuition.
• Unlock your own power, and begin to live a new Life from the Heart.
• Align your life with your purpose.
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• Online Classes
• Mastermind Groups



• Reiki Energy Sessions, Energy Balancing and Clearing
• In Person Reiki Sessions
• Distance Reiki Sessions by Phone with Reiki Master Gary Chatham

The “Big Why”

As a coach, I assist my clients in creating the…