Fact-Resistant Humans (Clearing Subconscious Patterns)


I was both amused and alarmed when I read a satire story in the New Yorker, called “SCIENTISTS: EARTH ENDANGERED BY NEW STRAIN OF FACT-RESISTANT HUMANS” https://goo.gl/Plq0hw  While it is humorous, it still makes a very serious, valid point.

We can all be guilty of resisting change, and not always responding when the Universe knocks on our doors to tell us that there is a pattern that needs to change in our lives. This can be in relationships, career/finances, health or other areas.  (Even someone who is a life coach!)

When the same patterns happen again and again in our relationships or work, and we feel “stuck,” it’s a good time to look at the underlying pattern that is happening in our lives. Sometimes, this is a pattern that has been repeating many times.

As I was working last week, I had strong images of several of my past relationships come up in my consciousness. These were of a few relationships over several years. The images literally interrupted my work, so I would pay attention to them.

I began to see the similarities in patterns and issues in my relationships. Many of these patterns can be subconscious. Since the first part of clearing repeating subconscious patterns is making them conscious, and being aware of them, reflecting and recognizing them is important.

I then moved into working on myself, and clearing the subconscious beliefs and judgments that were at the root of these patterns. I now will be better prepared for my next relationship, and make conscious choices in it, rather than falling into old, subconscious patterns.

I would be honored to assist you in recognizing and clearing subconscious patterns that are not serving you in your life. It is an essential part in not repeating patterns that hold us back in relationships, career, and other areas of our lives. It is also a big part of what I do as a life coach and relationship coach. I can intuitively help you recognize patterns, and assist you in clearing them. Then, we work together to form new patterns in your life that do serve you.

Please let me how you are doing, and how I might be able to help.

Celebrating Your Dream with You,

Life Coach Gary Chatham