Making Meaningful Social Media Connections

I have recently been blessed with several new connections on Google+. It seems that someone in my circles has been doing some sharing of their circles, so that we all can have new connections. This is great, but it got me thinking: how many of these new connections are “meaningful connections” for me? In other words, how many of these new connections will be interested in what I have to offer, and vice versa?

To create meaningful connections through your blogs and social media posts:

1. Define your niche and your tribe. If you’re not sure who your target market is, then you can’t gear content to them.

2. Put yourself in your tribe’s shoes when developing social media and blog content. What concerns/needs do they have today, as they are seeing your email headline, or your social media post? How can you best serve them? Gear your content to their needs/desires.

3. Keep your content on target. A little bit of personal information is fine, but I see people posting photos of their kids and pets on their business Facebook pages. While your tribe wants to connect with you as a “real person,” too much personal information can be a turn-off.

4. Stick to the 4/1/4 Rule: Provide informational emails or social media posts four times in a row, then give a clear call to action about how your readers can buy from you, or become more involved with your services. Then, go back to four informational posts again.

5. Tell your story, and inspirational/motivational stories in your posts. This allows your readers to connect with why you do what you do, as well as receive inspiration from the stories of others.

6. Ask them how you can help them often.

In the spirit of the last step, how can I help you? My motivation is to see conscious entrepreneurs become more successful, and be able to help more people.

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