wavesPeoria Reiki Training, Reiki Classes

Reiki Master Gary Chatham offers Reiki training, for all levels:

Level One – Basic Reiki Training

Level Two – Reiki Practitioner Training

Level Three – Reiki Master/Teacher Training

Level One Training Includes:

· History of Reiki
· What Reiki Is and What to Expect
· Introduction to Chakras and Meditation
· Reiki Hand Positions
· Chi Ball Exercise
· The Aura and Body Scanning
· What It Means to “See” Energy
· Hands On Practice and Application
· Types of Reiki
· Things to Keep in Mind
· Reiki Level I Attunement
· Reiki Level I Certification

Level Two Training Includes:

· Mind/Body Understanding
· Chakra Meditation and Chakra Healing with Reiki
· Understanding What You Feel/Sense, Energetically
· Reiki Sacred Symbols
· Distant Reiki Techniques and Practice
· Working with Your Reiki Guides
· Other Uses for Reiki
· Working with Clients
· Reiki Level II Attunement
· Reiki Level II Certification (Certified Reiki Practitioner)

Level Three Training Includes:

· Deeper, Master Level techniques, and receive Master Level attunement.
· In Master-Teacher training, you will learn to attune others to Reiki, as well as learn to teach Reiki techniques.
· An increase in energy from the other levels
· You will be able to teach and certify others in Reiki.

Level One: $150
Level Two: $150
Level Three: $500

Contact Gary to learn about the current schedule to receive Reiki Training one-on-one.