Live your Life by Design Group Coaching and Mastermind

We all have a dream – a dream of what we are called do, and what we need to become to    act on our vision.

You may not be conscious of what your Dream/Life’s Purpose is right now, but it is  already inside you – waiting, like a seed to be planted and grow.


This 6 week intensive experience will help you to:

  • Find Your Life’s Purpose and Calling
  • Clear Subconscious Patterns that May be Blocking you
  • Balance Life/Work/Relationships
  • Live an Authentic, Inspired Life

You will receive:

  • Practices and techniques to help you connect with your inner guidance
  • Steps to take to define your Life’s Purpose
  • Encouragement and support to Awaken Your Dream, and be more effective in Creating the Life You Desire

The format includes:

  • Coaching as a group
  • Individual Coaching, within the group format
  • One Individual Coaching call with Gary

 Contact Gary for more Information